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Parenting coordination is a tool used to help manage ongoing issues in high conflict child custody and visitation cases. It is typically court-ordered, but can be a mutually agreed upon asset for parents who simply wish to communicate more effectively and put the needs of their children first and foremost.

Idaho is one of approximately 10 states that have passed legislation regarding the use of parenting coordinators due to its effectiveness. Not only is it cost effective, but it has been shown to be successful at reducing conflict between parents, thereby easing stress on their children.


The parenting coordinator is a case manager of sorts between parents, meeting regularly with them to facilitate communication and advocate for the best interests of the mutual children. The parenting coordinator makes recommendations to the parents regarding the parenting plan and compliance with such. The parenting coordinator is, essentially, the monitor of the parenting plan and can take / monitor complaints from each parent and report back to the court. It is the responsibility of the parenting coordinator to look out for the best interests of the children involved in the parenting plan.

Benefits of parenting coordination:

  • Stress reduction for the parents
  • Availability of more resources for the parents through parenting coordinator
  • Additional support for the parents
  • Reduction of child’s exposure to conflict between parents
  • Increase in resolution of parental conflicts
  • Reduction in attorney fees & court costs
  • Healthier parent-child relationships
  • Parents can focus more on the best interests of the children

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