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Stellar Mental Health & Mediation is committed to keeping our staff & clients safe from the possibility of exposure to the Coronavirus. If you are experiencing cough, fever or shortness of breath, please call to cancel your appointment. Please wait 24 hours being symptom free prior to rescheduling. 

         Stellar Mental Health                             & Mediation 

Stellar Mental Health & Mediation offers a variety of services including Mental Health Medication Management, Psychological Evaluations, Case Management, Groups, Counseling (Individual, Couples and Family), as well as Court Services including Reunification/Reintegration Therapy, Parenting time, Brief Focused Assessments, Parenting Coordination and Mediation. If you are interested in services, click on the link below! We look forward to hearing from you!


A few things we’re great at

Stellar Mental Health & Mediation offers a variety of services including mental health medication management, psyhological evaluations, counseling. Stellar recognizes that life throw’s you curve balls and having services like case management and community based rehabilitation can help you live your day to day lives. 

Mental Health Medication Management

Medication Management Services are a spectrum of patient-centered care that optimize safe, effective, and appropriate drug therapy for various forms of mental illness.

Care is provided through collaboration with patients and their healthcare providers at Stellar Mental Health & Mediation.


Counseling provided by trained professionals can make a profound impact on the lives of individuals, families and communities. Therapy service can support individuals or families as they navigate through difficult life situations, such as the death of a loved one, past or current trauma, divorce, natural disasters, school stress or the loss of a job.

Case Management

Case Management is a great service to assist individuals with various community resources and how to utilize them.

This is a process of assessing the needs of each individual and then assisting them to reach their individual goals. 

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Community Based        Rehabilitation

CBRS is a great tool to lead individuals through an understanding of daily skills to improve your quality of life. CBRS specialists focus on education and planning, and support individuals in reaching personal goals through problem solving coping skills.

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Genetic Testing

Pharmacogenomics, or the study of how genetics affect your body’s response to medications, is a relatively new and exciting field of science. Scientists are learning more each day about how genetic testing can be used to select the best medication for patients.

Genetic testing can help a doctor determine whether a medication will be effective for a patient and provide dosing guidance. It can also help alert clincians to medications that might be potentially harmful to patients.

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Court Order Services

Stellar Mental Health & Mediation offers a varitey of court ordered services, to include: Reunification/ReintigrationTherapy,Parenting time/Custody Evaluations, Brief Focused Assessments, Parent Coordination, Mediation and  Reunification/Reintigration Therapy

Reunification/Reintigretion Services

The parents agree the objective of Court-Involved Therapy (CIT) is not to determine IF it is in the child(ren)’s best interests to have contact with one of the parents. Rather, the parents agree it is in the child(ren)’s best interests to have meaningful relationships with both parents.

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Parenting time/ Custody Evaluations

A Parent Time Evaluation is an expert investigation and analysis of the best interest of children with regard to disputed parenting time issues. 

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Brief Focused Assessments

A Brief Focused Assessments (BFA) or “limited scope evaluation” is very similar to a Parent Time Evaluation, but typically shorter in duration and will focus solely on 1-2 specific areas of concern/difficulty within the family.

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Parenting Coordination

Parent Coordination is a tool used to help manage ongoing issues in high-conflict child custody and visitation cases. A court order is required for this service, but can be a mutually agreed upon asset for parents who simply wish to communicate more effectively and put the needs of their children first and foremost. 

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Stellar’s certified mediators use various proven & effective techniques to improve dialogue and empathy between parties going through a divorce. Because a mediator is a neutral third party, Stellar’s mediators will work with both parties to develop a mutually satisfactory agreement.

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Our Team

At Stellar Mental Health & Mediation, we work as a team to give holistic care to ensure our client’s wellbeing. 

Jeff Moreno

LCSW Owner/Clinical Director

Darci Moreno

CPRP Owner/Program Director

Jynnah Snow

Family Nurse Practitioner

Michelle Chin

Family Nurse Practitioner

Rick Heikkila

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Jessica Chilcott

Licensed Medical Social Worker

Virginia Spackman

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Kylie Rainbolt

Operations Manager

Martha Bartlow, B.S.

Community Based Rehabilitation Speciialst / Case Manager

April Briggs

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“Studies have shown that combining talk therapy/counseling with the use of properly prescribed medication has been shown to reduce symptoms in clients seeking mental health treatment by an average of nearly 70%. While counseling alone can be helpful for many issues, there are times when medication may be used to provide additional, and sometimes substantial, relief.“

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