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Vision & Mission


Our vision is to achieve an optimum mental health system of comprehensive, community-based and consumer-minded services that is an integrated and coordinated blend of public and private services guided by the following principles:

  • Services shall focus on strengths of participants for their empowerment
  • Services shall be participant-centered and provide maximum choice
  • Services shall be assertive, responsive, respectful and accountable
  • Services shall be racially and culturally appropriate, and we shall have sufficient culturally-competent staff at all levels;
  • Services shall be flexible and tailored to individual needs and desires
  • Services shall incorporate natural supports
  • Services shall be coordinated and seamless, and Services shall be cost effective and efficient.
  • Services shall focus on the recover and resiliency of the participant


To identify those in need, and empower them to recovery and resiliency within our community. Stellar strives to excel in helping those in need, to achieve their goals as quickly as possible.